Fuchsbräu offers you 14 conference rooms ranging from 30 to 110 m² as well as a study garden.

You'll feel at ease in our tastefully designed conference rooms which are ergonomically furnished and equipped with the latest technology. All rooms have daylight and offer a view of nature – some even with direct access to our secluded study garden.

Flip charts und pin boards are standard. Materials are included in the rate.

The following gives you an overview of our conference rooms.

We are happy to adapt to your requirements.



Plenty of natural light over the roofs of the Beilngrieser old town, spacious ceiling height, ergonomic furniture and a unique technology package. Additionally an adjacent room and its own breaks zone. Experience a new dimension of conferencing in the space Anlauter.


Altmühl Laaber – Donau Sulz

The conference rooms Altmühl-Laaber on the ground floor and Donau-Sulz on the first floor are identical. Each one is 115m² in size and can be divided up into one 40m² and one 60m² room. Seating possibilities: U-shaped, chair circle, parliamentary and rows of seats.

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Space for 12 to 78 people, depending on size and seating plan

Altmuehl-Laaber-Donau-Sulz-01.png Altmuehl-Laaber-Donau-Sulz-02.png

Garten (Garden) 1 / 2

These two rooms can also be connected to form one large 80m² conference room. From here you have direct access to the study garden. 

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Space for 8 to 22 people, depending on seating plan

Garten-1-2-01.png Garten-1-2-02.png

Garten (Garden) 3

Garten (Garden) 3 is suited to meetings or as a group room - often in connection with Garten (Garden) 1/2. In block seating formation six people can meet undisturbed.


Garten (Garden) 4

All 'Garten' (Garden) conference rooms are situated on the ground floor of the Garten Hotel. Garten 4 is suitable for 10 to 12 people and is often use as a group room in connection with Garden 1/2.

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Space for 12 to 18 people in 'Garden 4'

Garten-4-01.png Garten-4-02.png

Historic room

The exposed wooden beam ceiling gives this room its festive feel. 110m² in size, the room is ideal for banquets.

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Space for 35 to 80 people, depending on seating plan

Historischer-Saal-01.png Historischer-Saal-02.png

Volpini 1

This first-floor conference room stands out by its modern style and its roof terrace. The room is 60m² in size.

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Volpini 1 offers seating for 18 to 24 people

Volpini-1-01.png Volpini-1-02.png
Volpini 2

Volpini 2

Volpini 2 (32m²) is also characterized by a historic atmosphere and is suited to banquets as well as conferences.

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Here there is seating for 12 to 28 people

Volpini-2-01.png Volpini-2-02.png
Volpini 3

Volpini 3

Volpini 3 (50m²) is also characterized by a historic atmosphere and is suited to banquets as well as conferences.

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This room provides seating for 16 to 42 people

Volpini-3-01.png Volpini-3-02.png


Heller Raum mit 60 qm im EG unseres Seminarhauses. Identisch ist der Raum Sulz im 1. OG. In Kombination mit den Räumen Donau und Altmühl flexibel nutzbar.


Haus des Gastes

Im historischen Ambiente des Haus des Gastes direkt gegenüber können wir Veranstaltungen mit bis zu 200 Personen bewirten. Die Räume sind neu renoviert und 70 m² bis 200 m² groß.